Welcome to My Amateur Blog



Dear Readers/Visitors,

Welcome to my Blog on Eating Disorders.

Eating Disorders are a serious mental health problems that can interfere with everyday life – over long periods of time or in regular bursts.

This is a health focused pro-recovery blog. I’m a very strong advocate for empowering people to get educated about dangers of Eating Disorders, early intervention and seeking medical and Psychological Help. As Eating Disorders can be an ‘invisible’ illness, some people find it difficult to understand the effect it can have. They might see Eating Disorders as trivial or dismiss it altogether. And this can make it harder for those experiencing it to speak openly and seek the help they need. I have offered some information and resources so that people can learn the importance of seeking early treatment for their Eating Disorders. This blog is all about methods and techniques that were combined with the National Health Services Eating Disorder Guidelines (NHS for us UK denizens) and my Islamic faith to defeat the dark demon of Eating Disorder.

I am the most amateur writer you will ever come across, English is my third language, so please do forgive me for many errors. It is upon insistence of one of my dearest friend that I have decided to allow the small number of you to read my entries and have a good laugh. This poor excuse of a blog is about my struggles with anorexia that turned into anorexia nervosa in a culture where if you dare question your mother about calories and contents of fat in her curry, she will chase you around the house with her rolling pin. I have also included an entry on my attempted recovery at home and in the idyllic city of Islamabad.

I will try to post recovery tips, wonderful recipes and self-healing tips .

Why I started this Blog? It was the lack of awareness of Eating Disorders in the Muslim world that made me start this blog.  Unfortunately Eating Disorders are hidden and kept taboo in our cultures. There are a lot of myths and fears around people who experience Eating Disorders. Let me tell you something from my personal expereince, Eating Disorders are a very real illness, and debilitating symptoms include feelings of helplessness, low weight, failing organs, crying, anxiety, low self-esteem, a lack of energy, sleeping difficulties, physical aches and pains, and a bleak view of the future. I used to fear that making such a disclosure that I suffer from Anorexia Nervosa would jeopardize my chances for integration and future success in my workplace and in my community. With the help of my Father I broke my silence on my illness and went onto speak about my struggles with Disordered Eating on Islam Channel. Silence about Eating Disorders is costly and many who need help often suffer in silence. Efforts to reduce the stigma and promote well-being start with education.This blog promotes awareness and knowledge of the symptoms, frequency, treatment options and tips for coping in relation to Eating Disorders. I hope and pray that Inshallah this blog may help break through the taboos surrounding Eating Disorders. At times I find it unbelievable that my blog is being read by people around the world and I thank God for that.

I also thank God for one thing:

“A calamity that makes you turn to Allah is better for you then a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah”

~ Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah

Please criticize and well if you want then leave a comment.

Before I sign off, quote of the day:

“Take advantage of five opportunities before five other things: Your youth before your senescence, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your leisure before your haste, and your life before your death.”

Love, Light and Blessings

Maha S


13 thoughts on “Welcome to My Amateur Blog

  1. sarah says:

    salamoaleikum sister!!
    I’m really inspired by your website! Really,it’s the first website I found combining eating disorder recovery and religion , which in my opinion is more than helpful !
    Still, I want to be honest and say that it’s extremely bothering to relapse especially in the holy month of ramadan 😦
    I’m really frustrated feeling that I will never be able to break my eating disorder…I don’t really know what I an it’s like once I feel that I overate I seem not be able to stop and stuff myself even if I didn’t want to eat..After that I engage in extremely much excercise or either starve myself , which Is encouraged at the same time by fasting 😦
    I really don’t want this anymore .I wish I could be free eating what I want , being satisfied with the amount of food I eat without fearing that I’ll gain weight and or binge 😦
    It’s been for so long now and I really want to get this eating disorder out of my mind 😦
    Sorry for spamming your website …

    • Maha Khan says:

      Dear Sarah, So sorry for such a delayed response. I missed your comment on the blog. Thank you for visiting. One of the first steps to healing is to heal your brain and body through medicine, which is nutrition. All these feelings in our mind and these whispers of the demon of Eating Disorder are indeed frustrating. You didn’t ask to be ill and you certainly did not wish for this illness to follow you into the month of Ramadan. However, recovery is in your hands. What I find very powerful about Eating Disorder Recovery is how all of a sudden we are in power to defeat this deadliest demon, and we get to choose our own road to recovery, for some psychotherapy works, for some holistic healing and for some residential programs, whatever path we chose, the end journey is beautiful. InshAllah the more you work against your Eating Disorder, the more powerful you’ll become. It takes time, but we all can do it. Honestly here we need to be in power and not some demon that has nothing better to do but to fill our mind with nonsense. Take the power of control back from this demon. We would never put up with such verbal from our loved ones or even strangers, so why do we allow this demon to verbally abuse us and control us. Slavery was abolished years ago, so break free from this prison. Keep trying. Even visiting this blog is a step towards recovery towards defeating the demon of Eating Disorder, because you’re acknowledging how menacing and evil this devil is. Now I apologize for getting carried away with my comment Send me an E-mail and I’ll send you some E-books: waragainsteatingdisorder@gmail.com

  2. Britanica says:

    You are doing a wonderful thing. I think every place in the world needs to build awareness because it is a growing issues. I am not sure when or why it started but if we look back at old world art, women aren’t stick thin not do they look like they have the bodies of little boys. I hope your blog helps many girls, teens, and women out there. Eating disorders are not fun.

  3. Morgan says:

    Your blog and your ideas look incredibly good for out society . Even if I am new to your blog right now I can’t wait to read more of your great ideas about ways of improving our life .. I wish you good luck with this and all the best in life .. You are a great person for sure and you deserve only the best !!

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