A Mother’s Secret for Treating Anorexia.

A Mother’s Secret for Treating Anorexia.


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A wonderful and very insightful article by Dr Irina Webster. All those mothers whose daughters suffer from ED, I hope you’ll find this helpful and useful as my mother did.

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BY: Dr Irina Webster

Genuine Help for Eating Disorder Sufferers and Caregivers

A sufferer’s mother is the most important person in helping a daughter or son to beat anorexia. A Mothers connection to her child is a sacred connection.

Most mothers can not only see but they can feel what is happening to their child.

Nowadays we know that the anorexia lives in the subconscious level of the mind. The subconscious is a level where our feelings and emotions live. It is also a level where people keep their deepest beliefs about themselves and their world.

The content of our subconscious mind depends a lot on what our parents put in there. Parents are our first teachers and role models. Because of this our parents can do a lot to affect the subconscious mind of their child (especially mothers).

Anorexia takes a lot of space in your child’s mind and wrong beliefs can take over the big part of a sufferer’s subconscious mind.

So, what can a mother do to help?

1. Never give up on inspiring your child to learn new things. This will help take her/his attention away from the anorexics beliefs.  Remember: The less space you leave for the anorexia the better.

2. Show unconditional LOVE to the child.  Love appears to be the most powerful emotion that can stimulate and inspire people. Nothing heals better emotionally, biochemically, physically and mentally than love.

Love is a positive high frequency emotion which can heal and help us overcome many obstacles in our life.

3. Maintain close intimate connections “mother-daughter/ son”.  Often these intimate connections do overpower the disease.

4.Watch what kind of words you use when you talk to the sufferer.  One wrong word from someone, like “why can’t you just eat” can undo months of good work.

5. Constantly focus on increasing the sufferer’s self-esteem and enjoyment in life.

6. Understand that the first priority for underweight people is gaining weight.  A starving brain cannot process things logically, so do not think that just saying things will make changes.

Anorexics should be encouraged to achieve a certain weight appropriate for their height and age. This should be done in small steps, like getting her to aim for a pound (kilo) then another pound (kilos), if you tell a sufferer they have to put on 20 pounds (10kg) they will completely freak-out.

7.Sugar consumption is important for the brain because the brain works on glucose so try to get them to take sugary foods, even if you have to camouflage them.

A high consumption of proteins and calcium is also necessary for anorexics because of their bone density problems. We have had people use the high protein drinks weightlifters use with great results. But you can’t tell the sufferer what it is or they will not take it. We have had mothers substitute diet powders with protein powders so the sufferer will take it: because all anorexics read the labels on everything.

There is no substitute for mothers love and a mother’s involvement in treating anorexia. One mother who was very successful in helping her daughter to beat anorexia said that anorexia should be healed, not just treated.

Karen used a process of healing and took her daughter through it step by step using special methods she devised herself.  Healing was the process that saved her daughter from the grips of anorexia and brought her back from deaths door.

Read More About Karen mom please help go to http://www.mom-please-help.com Or Email me at waragainsteatingdisorder@gmail.com and I will send you a PDF.