Young Muslim, Eating Disorder, Post-Feeding, Weight Gain, Family

Dear Readers,

I blogged about a 15 year old and her experience with a feeding tube.


With feeding, there’s a lot of anxiety and stress about weight gain. Post-feeding some have to go through renewed struggles with food and body image issues. Weight gain, eating plans, outpatient appointments not to mention the monitoring by family that you eat all your meals and snacks– are bound to be at least a little stressful.  Please find below an interview with her on her experience of post-feeding, coming home and trying to get back to normal life. This simply helps us to gain understanding of what people go through after their experience with feeding and weight gain.

Feeding Syringe



How does it feel to be back home after your stay in hospital for Eating Disorder?

To be honest I’m glad to be out of hospital, but I hate being at home. The environment and atmosphere isn’t helping me at all.

Has the hospital made any difference to your Eating Disorder?

The only difference that it has made is that I’m eating really. & I guess I’m a bit more aware of the physical health problems linked with ED.

How is eating at home like?

One word. Hell.

Do u have a meal plan to follow?

Yup. I was given a meal plan by the dietitian upon leaving the hospital

Does your family monitor your eating?


Was it easy going back to school?

I guess so. I’ve had a lot of help and support from school recently

How is outpatient treatment like?

Rubbish. It wasn’t good to begin with anyways

How are things with family now?


What is going through your mind?

A lot of bad thoughts. Negativity.

Do you think your family has more understanding of your Eating Disorder struggles now?

Not at all.

What is going to help you and your family?

I don’t think anything can mend a relationship once it’s been torn apart. You can try, but it’ll never be the same again

What do you want from life ?

To live the life that I want to live. To stop being chained and held back by my family. If they love me then they’ll let me go and live, won’t they?

Do you think you were sent home bit early from hospital?

Maybe, I don’t really know anymore.