Muharram Islamic New Year and Recovery from Eating Disorders

Journey to Recovery

Islam and Eating Disorders

Muharram Islamic New Year and Recovery from Eating Disorders

Islamic New Year – رأس السنة الهجرية‎ Ras as-Sanah al-Hijriyah- 2013 began on the evening of Sunday, November 3. Muharram is the month with which the Muslims begin their lunar Hijrah Calendar. It is one of the most consecrated months in the Islamic calendar. It is a month of deep sadness, hope and blessings.

People who suffer from Eating Disorders often look at New Year with hope, a hope of recovery from their Eating Disorder, a hope to heal themselves of their disordered thinking, a hope to lessen some of the dangerous eating disorder behaviors, a hope that life will turn better with a New Year. We often promise ourselves that this coming year, we will take care of our mental and physical health, become more sociable and perhaps be free from the slavery of Eating Disorder. We strive for improvement…

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