Your Eating Disorder is Not Your Fault

Dear Readers,

Please find below a fabulous post by Kate Walsh. I don’t ever remember meeting a sufferer who said that their Eating Disorder was not their fault. Eating Disorders and self-blame go hand in hand. But over the years I have learned one thing that self-blame is a very dangerous game and keeps us stuck in the vicious cycle of Eating Disorder. Self-blame is one of the worst forms of emotional abuse a person can ever go through. It amplifies our perceived inadequacies, worsens the cycle of eating disorder, and keeps us stuck in the past.  I believe with sheer conviction that our eating disorder is not our fault. Recovery is possible, hope exists, and I believe in one thing that Eating Disorders can be beaten, all we need to do is have a self-belief and a desire to live a life free from the confines of the demon of eating disorder.

You, yourself, as much as anyone else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. – Buddha

Do check out this video by Jean Kilbourne on woman body image as well.

It’s Not Your Fault

By: Kate Walsh
I’m writing to you today to remind you that your eating disorder
it’s not your fault!

I feel that sometimes you forget about it and blame yourself….

Please see this short video (link below) of Jean Kilbourne who
speaks about important speaks of woman body image.

Jean Kilbourne started her awareness campaign in the late 1960s when she began her exploration of the connection between
advertising and several public health issues, including violence
against women, eating disorders, and addictions…

She has something important to say, so please take less than 5 minutes to listen to her.

Take care of yourself