Broader View on Bulimia: Bulimic and Anorexic Issues

Bulimia Secrets

Broader View on Bulimia: Bulimic and Anorexic Issues

Bulimia Secrets


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I was asked a question on Bulimic and Anorexic issues. I found this great article by Kate Walsh from Bulimia Secrets. Please read below. It’s amazing.


Kate Walsh is the eating disorders’ researcher and publisher who is interested in the psychology behind the eating disorders. Bulimia in particular is the subject of her deep interest. After many years of the research, she has started to share the information which might help people in their recovery.

Bulimia Secrets


No one starts out not liking themselves or purposely lowering their self-worth. Losing control happens over time and is the result of a variety of circumstances and sub-conscious thoughts. We subconsciously allow others to take control of how we feel about ourselves and when we lose control and don’t know how to correctly take it back; we then get ourselves into trouble. Bulimics and Anorexics get themselves into trouble with food.

In the past several decades, how society thinks has drastically changed about how one looks to themselves and to others, the amount of stress and increased dramatically for many people, the responsibilities and requirements that must be done each day is much greater than before. Many people try and find an out from the everyday stresses, a way that they can relieve the unwanted stress even if it’s temporary. Food has become extremely accessible as it is not only cheap but food can be found just about anywhere anymore; food, for some, has become an avenue of release for these life pressures.

More often than not, Bulimic and/or  Anorexic will not recognize that they have an eating disorder; they will not admit that they have any eating problems at all. Resistance will occur because they will defend themselves as they don’t want to be looked down upon or feel ashamed of the fact that they do have a problem. Any addiction is very hard, for anyone, to stop without help.

When life doesn’t treat us well, we tend to turn to things that make us feel better. Sometime we need a crutch, a little assistance, to get through our days. Stress, peer pressure, anxieties from our surrounding environments can cause us to go a little crazy and push us to find a way out. An eating disorder is considered a psychological illness; an illness that can be very destructive to one’s self, physically and mentally that can be caused by our surroundings.

Eating disorder sufferrers believe that people judge them by how they look and who they are. Fitting into society and how society thinks can take a toll on anyone. Allowing others to control one’s thinking, to lower one’s self-worth, to reduce one to feel that they are nothing can become overpowering. Using food to deal with these negative feelings is how people with eating disorders deal with issues; overeating or not eating enough and then purging what has been eating makes them mentally feel better, but only at the time the binging and purging occurs.

Listening to others talk down to you over and over begins to repeat by itself within one’s own mind. Beginning to dislike or even hate yourself, believe that you are too fat, that you don’t fit into any worthy group in society, losing control of circumstances or of life itself can push one into finding something that can provide relief. Binging and purging is often found as a relief for a bulimics and eventually it turns into a cycle that causes major destruction of the body and mind.

Not having the knowledge of how to successfully deal with a situation or problem makes one feel that they are not capable. This lowers one’s self-worth and can create mood swings and depression. When one loses control and is unable to thrive, the quality of life will suffer. For those who are Bulimic and Anorexic, food allows an option to find a temporary release; there is hope to correct these eating disorders, there are people and places that can provide an understanding as to why the eating disorder occurs and how to stop it.


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