Uncovered: What’s The REAL Cost Of Bulimia?

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I was speaking to a lady from UK who has suffered from Bulimia for over 17 years now. Bulimia has cost her health, her relationships and has taken a huge toll on her finances. “On average, I spend £40-£50 a day on Bulimia, and this is being very frugal. Back in my good days, I would spend anything from £90-£150 a day on Bulimia. (the cost of food, diet pills, emergency detox really does add up). I am lucky that I can do my work from home now.  All I care about is making enough money to cover the rent of my dingy flat and my binges.” 32 year old female UK. 

 Reported in Science of Eating Disorders: Point is: Bulimic symptoms, the urgency of the act, the impulsiveness, the almost addictive features of bingeing and purging… well, they shouldn’t be underestimated, even for normally rational and money-conscious individuals –

Bulimia is a slow death and  can have disastrous health, social and financial consequences. When the sufferer has a family, the cost of the bulimia can damage the home and have long-lasting effects on family members.  I encourage everyone to seek help for their Eating-Disorder. This mental illness lives beneath your brain in your emotional brain and can be cured with the right treatment. Don’t delay it, we all deserve to be happy and God did not create us to live under the slavery of Eating Disorder.

I found this blog-post by Julie Kerr very interesting. Please take out few minutes to read the info presented in this article. Knowledge is power, the more you educate yourself about your illness, the weaker the power of the demon of Eating Disorder becomes. Julie Kerr  is offering 30 minute free coaching session. Please read below for details.

Uncovered: What’s The REAL Cost Of Bulimia?


The trouble with bulimia is it’s a slippery slope.

It starts out so innocently. You feel particularly disgusted with yourself after a binge and in an attempt to repair the damage you make yourself sick.

The first time is pretty nasty. After all it’s not easy forcing your fingers down your throat. And then there’s the horrible acidic taste of regurgitated food. But the payoff is it makes you feel better – you tell yourself you’ve stopped all that food leading to weight gain – and anyway, you’re not going to do it again…

But you do – and each time it becomes easier and more habitual until eventually it’s just something you do after eating. And then bulimia becomes a way to manage your weight and help you deal with the insecurities and difficulties life has thrown at you.

The trouble is, there’s a sinister side to bulimia.

And if you don’t proactively find a way to stop NOW – you will pay a considerable cost…

Bulimia could cost you your life

Perhaps you saw the interview in The Observer on Sunday with Amy Winehouse’s oldest brother Alex.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse performing in 2007, four years before her death. “What really killed her was the bulimia,” said Alex Winehouse. Photograph: James McCauley / Rex Features


You may remember that talented singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse died suddenly in July 2011. An inquest recorded a verdict of misadventure after finding her blood alcohol level was five times the legal drink-drive limit – enough to depress her respiratory system.

However, her brother has a slightly different opinion which he made public this week.

Alex revealed that Amy Winehouse had been suffering from bulimia since she was 17. He said:

“Had she not have had an eating disorder, she would have been physically stronger”.

And there’s a lot of truth to this – especially when you get crystal clear on the detrimental physical impact bulimia can have on the body.

Let me explain…

Bulimia puts the body under enormous physical stress

If you’re bulimic, you are in effect eating a restrictive diet. And because you’re denying your body essential nutrients, there’s a serious risk of becoming malnourished.

It’s a strange paradox that seems far removed from the fears associated with over-eating.

But let’s explore the facts.

People with bulimia do not eat a balanced diet. What’s more, binge foods are usually high calorie; high-fat, quick release carbohydrates that make you feel satiated but have little nutritional value. What’s more, the purging means the body never absorbs a proportion of the nutrients these binge foods contain.

As a result your body can experience wide-ranging physical side effects. I’ve described some of the most common below:


  • Vomiting, the overuse of laxatives and a restrictive diet can lead to dehydration. This can lead to dangerous electrolyte imbalances that can damage the heart, liver and kidneys.
  • Binge eating can cause digestive problems ranging from stomach swelling and pain to constipation, irregular bowel movements and IBS.
  • Vomiting brings strong hydrochloric acid created in the stomach into the unprotected oesophagus. In time this acid can damage and weaken the wall of the oesophagus leading to ruptures.
  • Muscle atrophy (muscle wasting) can occur where the body is denied essential proteins.
  • Stomach acid in the mouth can lead to teeth discolouration and decay
  • Fertility problems including difficulty conceiving or an increased risk of miscarriage.


Each of these can silently weaken the body. What’s more, because the effects are cumulative they often go undetected.  Which means in time, bulimia becomes more deadly.

And it’s why you need to find a way to stop…

It’s time to become bulimia free

Perhaps you’re unaware of these physical side effects. Or perhaps because you feel physically OK, you’ve lulled yourself into a false sense of security by kidding yourself that your bulimia “isn’t that bad” or “it’s under control”.

Unfortunately I know from experience that this is rarely true.

The truth is bulimia TAKES control.

And the scary thing is, if you’ve been bingeing and purging for any length of time there’s a real risk you may have developed an underlying weakness.

And if your body is weakened, you become far more susceptible to serious repercussions  – and even death just like we’ve seen with Amy Winehouse and other talented people such as medical student Sarah Houston.

So please, take notice.

I know what it’s like to be where you are. Bulimia cost me some of the best years of my life. And in addition to the invisible physical side effects, there were the emotional repercussions such as low confidence, self-hatred and all those lies.

BUT I found a way out.

I was able to stop and I haven’t binged or purged for over 20 years. Bulimia took me to the darkest and most dangerous places. I resorted to some scary drastic measures and so I promise you nothing you say will shock me.

So if you’re ready to take back control and free yourself from this dangerous obsession with food, let’s talk. You see with my coaching support, you could reclaim your life, rebuild your health and ensure you don’t lose another day to the destructive forces of bulimia.

Get help NOW

It can be difficult to stop – especially if you try to do it alone. And because bulimia is often a closely guarded secret, telling those you love can feel like a step too far.

So instead please talk to me.

I’ve made it really easy to do this by offering a free 30-minute coaching session.

Simply email Julie@bulimiafree.com and we’ll arrange a convenient time to Skype. I promise that in those 30 minutes you’ll discover at least one nugget that will make a significant difference to your life right now. You’ll also be able to find out a little more about my 121 coaching and get a feel if it’s right for you.

So act now.

You don’t need to lose a single day more to bulimia – instead you can take back control of your life and take the first steps to bulimia freedom. You can do it and you do deserve it…

With love,


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