Eating Disorder Recovery Recipes- Digestive Super-Shot and Digestive Super-Soother

Refeeding and Eating should all be about ease, comfort and supporting your well-being,

Say No to Laxatives and Say Yes to Nature Friendly  Foods

Dear Readers,

When it comes to wellness, digestive health is important. People with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia often develop delayed gastric emptying. One thing I found really sad about Eating Disorder Unit was lack of focus on Digestive health. When I started feeding, I suffered from myriad of digestive health problems and there was absolutely no advice given on how to achieve optimal digestive health. Digestive Health matters and Eating Disorder Units really need to incorporate digestive friendly foods in their meal plans. Taking control of your digestive health can help you improve your overall health, well-being and happiness. I learned all about digestive health from Shaye Boddington and incorporated fermented foods in my diet. With time gastric emptying does resume and symptoms tend to improve when food intake and eating schedules normalize. I learned it’s a matter of taking simple Preventive Steps and that’s all. You can start making simple, proactive changes to your diet and lifestyle today that can benefit your digestive health, now and throughout your life.

Please find two excellent recipes for good digestive health by Belinda Blake and Nicola Moore from ION Short Course, Healing Foods for the Digestive System.


Healing Foods For Digestive Health


Digestive Super-Shot

Serves 2-4






1-2 lemons, unwaxed and cut into quarters

2-4 cm piece ginger root, peeled

½ pineapple, peeled and chopped

2 apples

1 medium beetroot (optional)

Adjust quantities to taste



Put all the ingredients through a juicer and enjoy straightaway as vibrant aperitif!


Digestive Super-Shooter

Serves 2




3 apples

½ small white cabbage

¼ fennel bulb

1 bunch mint

(adjust quantities to taste)



Put all the ingredients through a juicer and enjoy straight away! If you have problems with gastric reflux, you may find it more soothing to remove or reduce the apples.

A little slippery elm could be added to the juice to increase the mucilage content.


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