Eating Disorders Healing- The Miraculous Journey Isra wal Miraj الإسراء والمعراج

Miracle Of Al-Isra & Al-Miraj

(The night journey and the ascension of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him)


Dear Readers,

It’s hard to beat Eating Disorders. Years fly by and many of us find we are still stuck in that vicious cycle of Eating Disorder with no way out. So many of us lose hope and we often give up on hope of recovery, what we often do is make a deal with the Demon of Eating Disorder to live with this illness for rest of our lives. Never Make That Deal!

I encourage this Young Person who suffers from Anorexia to fight for life she deserves to live.  We all can recover from our Eating Disorders. I don’t believe in giving up, that’s why I have knocked on many closed doors and many open doors. In Words of NEDA ‘fight Eating disorders till they are history’.


My eyes hurt, just by looking at the scenic view around us. Its just too Green. We are in a picturesque village of Shere in the Surrey Hills. I am with someone who is under the trance of Demon of Eating Disorder. I can see she’s struggling to take everything in. When Demon occupies your mind, controls your thoughts, the world becomes devoid of beauty.  She’s very unwell and she’s not putting up a fight for survival. It brings back memories from yesteryears when I was under the same trance, same spell, I was willing to die for this Demon.


Shere 3

My eyes hurt so badly, taking in this beauty is too much. I put on my reflective sunglasses. She’s freezing.  It was a mission to get her out of car and to take few steps around the village.

Shere 6

We drive around. I want to tell her not to be sad that life has so much to offer.

Shere 2

Shere 4

And then I remembered the story of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) tribulation and the ease that followed. Allah says in Qur’an:

“Verily, with hardship, there is relief Verily, with hardship there is relief.” [94:6-7]

I tell her the story of hope, about  Al-Isra wal Miraj, a glorious night journey when one of the greatest of greatest miracles of ascension took place.

Al-Isra‘ and al-Mi^raj are among the many miracles of Prophet Muhammad. 

Last Year I blogged about what to read on the eve of 27th Rajab, about Miraj Prayers. This year I want to share the Journey  with you. This is one journey which transcends many realms and really takes one into a different world. I hope you’ll find it as inspiring as I do.



Transcription From Above Video

Before Migration to Madinah Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was devastated by the loss of his loving wife Khadijah, while disbelievers closed all doors upon him. Allah did not forsake him but opened up the doors of Heaven for him, in Honour.

Allah glorified himself on Introducing Isra wal Miraj الإسراء والمعراج‎, the Prophet’s miraculous Night Journey and Heavenly Ascent, where He was Physically taken from Makkah to Jerusalem, and then up to the Highest Heaven.


Allah revealed a chapter in the Qur’an called Al-Isra (The Night Journey) and in that Surah it says;

Inna ma’al ‘usri yusra. With Difficult comes ? Ease.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) went through Most Tragic Time in His Life, so it was followed with one of the best blessings, given to him by Allah.

Because of the size of the Calamity, the Bounty that followed it was Great.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) narrates and this Hadith is in Bukhari.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says, while I was in Hatim or Al Hijr, And this is the- semi circle area close to Al Kabaa which is part of the original building of Al Kabba, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said he was there at night and I received a visitor (An Angel) who came and opened my, Abdomen, And pulled out my Heart.  And then my Heart was placed in a Basin (Golden Basin) Filled with Faith (Iman) And my Heart was placed in it, and Washed, and then stuffed and replaced.

And then I was presented an Animal, smaller than a Horse, Larger than- a donkey, this animal is called Al-Buraq.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “This Animal, would take a stride as far as it can see”, So the Messenger of Allah is trying to describe to us, The speed, of this Animal and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described it as, that this Animal, would place its hooves, at the extent of its site, it would take a stride as far as it can see- with one leap! It would wrap the distance, Equivalent to the distance you could see or look forward.

So it was an extremely fast beast- Very Fast! Swift! You just see the Earth wrapping in front of you. Gibril (Angel Gabriel) told me to mount this Animal and then he would guide me.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said in a Hadith, and this Hadith is in Muslim, “Gibril took me to Jerusalem. And I tied my mount at the gate of Al Masjid ( Al Aqsa Mosque) And then I entered and I prayed two Rak’at.” 


And this Hadith states Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was an Imam and the People who were following Him were The Prophets. And then Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) said: “I was then led by Gibril up in the Heavens”.

mirj Mirajpic

He said, we made it all the way to the Gates, of the Lowest Heaven- The Nearest Heaven. Gibril knocked on the Gates, so the Gate Keepers said, “who is it”? Gibril said, “It is Gibril”. “And who is with you?” Muhammad. “Was he given his mission?” Gibril said, “Yes”.

They responded by saying. “He is welcome and His arrival is a pleasure.” And we are happy.

They opened the Gates Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “I went in, And I found therein my Father Adam AS.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, Gibril introduced me to Adam and said, “This is your Father Adam, Greet Him.” So I said, “Aslam ili Kum” Adam saluted me in return And said, “Wa Alaikum Aslam”. And then Adam AS said, “Welcome to my pure son, Welcome to the Pure Prophet.”


After this meeting, Gibril carried Muhammad SAW and they went up to the Gates of the Second Heaven. They knocked, same thing they were asked. The gates opened and Muhammad SAW said: “I went in And I met Jesus, and John (the two cousins). Isa and Yahya.” Muhammad SAW said and I exchanged the greetings with them.

“And then we moved ahead to the Third- Heaven. Knocked on the Gates, went through And I met with Joseph (Yusuf AS).” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: He has been given Half of Beauty. So if you had a big block of beauty, half of it was with Yusuf AS.

We made it to the Fourth Heaven, went through and I met with Idris AS. And Allah says – “We have elevated him to the very high status,” he was in the Fourth Heaven.

In Fifth Heaven Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) met Harun (Aron) PBUH.

In Sixth Heaven Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) met with Musa AS.

Prophet Muhamad (pbuh) said I then went up to the Seventh Heaven and there I met my father Ibrahim AS and I exchanged Salam with him. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)said: “And I was then presented with Al-Baitul Ma’moor”.


What is Al- Baitul Maoor? Al -Bait ul Mamoor has been mentioned in the Qur’an. By the mount And (by) a Book inscribed In parchment spread open And (by) the frequented House (Quran 52: 1-4).

Allah is making an oath in the Established House Al Bait-ul Ma’moor. Al Bait-ul Ma’moor to the creation, of the Heavens is equivalent to Al Kabaa to us. Just as we make Tawaf around Al Kaaba, and visit Al-Kabaa, Angels visit Al Bait-ul Ma’moor.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, Al Bait-ul Ma’moor , is visited by 70,000 angels every day . and they never come back to it again. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “the heavens above you are mourning, and they are justified to mourn” Because on every space equivalent to the size of four fingers, there’s an angel bowing down in ruku or prostrating in Sujood- worshiping Allah. All over the Heavens above us every area or volume equivalent to the size of four fingers, is occupied by an Angel worshiping Allah.

And then Prophet Muhammad said “I saw Sidrat Muntaha..” “I traveled further and I reached to Sidrat Muntaha.” Sidrat Muntaha is a Tree But it is Al MuntahaAl Muntaha is the End. So it is the end of the Heavens.


Beyond that you get into the world of the Afterlife, You have Paradise, You have the throne of Allah, you have al Qudsi.

When Prophet Muhammad reached Sidra He saw four rivers emanating from it, And he asked Gibril, “what are these four rivers?”, so he was told, two of them are apparent and two of them are hidden. The apparent ones are the Nile and Euphrates And the Hidden Ones are the two Rivers of the Paradise.


All of the universe is within Seven Heaven and we don’t know how vast it is in size. Because Allah says: “we have adorned the Lowest Heaven with Stars.” It is a vast creation.


After Prophet Muhammad passed the Tree Sidrat Muntaha He went further up, and He made it all the way until He met with Allah and that was the combination of this trip.

To this day Human being has not been able to reach the end of stars. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had the chance to go through all of it on that Amazing Journey.


What a beautiful Gift Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was given by Allah? meeting with all the Prophets and Ascension to Heavens.  In our trials and adversity, we just have to be patient. Inshallah Allah will take care of everything else. Be in the company of Allah and His pure Angels and not the Demon of Eating Disorder. Never Lose Hope, Never Give up. Keep taking a Step Forward.