Giving up the Wish: Fantasy Bonds in Eating Disorder Treatment Webinar Handouts


Dear Readers,

Eating disorders have become a problem that is epidemic on our society with possible life threatening implications.

Please find below link to Audio Recording and Handout Material for Webinar: Giving up the Wish: Fantasy Bonds in Eating Disorder Treatment. A person may or may not recognize attachment needs. They are there in either case. If a person is self-aware and feels the safety and validation to address these needs they can be et in an adaptive way.This was an excellent session and discusses issues of attachments that lead to Eating Disorders.


I encourage you to read the handouts and listen to audio recording and I encourage you to sign up for next Webinar. A webinar offers many advantages over traditional media formats and you can be part of large learning community from the comfort of your home.


Please listen to the entire Audio Webinar below.

Click Here to Download Webinar Material: Giving Up the Wish Webinar March 2015