Trying to make sense of Eating Disorders in the Muslim World.

Eating Disorders are a growing problem in the Muslim world .We don’t have the statistics for this disease but it is affecting many from Pakistan to Gulf to Western Africa to Indonesia. We can’t even guess the number, since doctors have no requirement to report eating disorders to health agencies, and since most people who suffer disordered eating never seek treatment, it’s hard to get accurate statistics.

There are horrific and destructive consequences for sufferers and their families. If you or your loved ones suffer from this ailment, then Please seek Help.

Detecting the signs of eating disorders early can help prevent its progression Thus, early diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders should be considered an urgent matter.

 One of the groups newly affected by disordered eating is young women of Arab and South Asian origin now living in Western countries. One study remarks that this group is now vulnerable because these girls simultaneously experience the conflicting and multiple pressures of Western body-shape ideals, traditional family and cultural expectations, and the challenges of fitting in to a new society.

My knowledge is limited but I can get a professional advice and help from charities in UK to help you to defeat the demon of eating disorder. Please feel free to email me at: waragainsteatingdisorder@gmail.com

Have a story to tell? Want to share your ED experience? Then Please send your stories to: waragainsteatingdisorder@gmail.com

In return you’ll receive a free copy of Nimah Nawwab’s Book Canvas of Souls.


Downloads Booklets:

Beating Eating Disorders

Supporting An Adult with an Eating Disorder

Nice Guidelines: Eating Disorders Core interventions in the treatment and management of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and related eating disorders


Becoming aware of new information isn’t always a good thing in the world of eating disorders. Some people learn new things about disordered eating and instead of using it to heal themselves, they add it to their destructive eating arsenal. For this reason, I have made a decision not to share information on  behaviors/methods that are triggering for people. This blog is all about creating awareness, healthy living and happiness.

If you struggle with disordered eating and you think some content on this blog  offers more risk than benefit, and/or you think it may trigger problematic behavior, proceed with caution and please let me know and I will remove it.


All content displayed on this blog is provided for general information purposes only, and should not be treated as a substitute for advice given by your GP or any other healthcare professional. I strongly advise individuals with any health problem to seek independent medical advice from their GP .

25 thoughts on “About

    • Maha Khan says:

      Hi Deed,

      I am recovering anorexic. I had anorexia nervosa for over year and a half. I guess you’re only labelled recovered if you do not relapse for 3 years or so.


  1. Nada says:

    Aslam Alaykum sister.
    I’m a 15 year old muslim girl and I’ve suffered from an eating disorder for 2 years, I dont know what kind of effects it hand on my body but this summer it spiraled out of control especially with binging and purging.
    I really dont know what to do. I want to recover, but I dont want to tell people I suffer from it as it is really shameful for me to :/
    So can you please advice me on what to do?

    • Maha Khan says:

      Walikum Salam Nada,

      May this message find you in best of spirits Insha’llah. Honey you’re too young to be suffering from Eating Disorder. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles. No One should suffer from Eating Disorder. With BED food is used to cope with stress and other emotions, People often feel they are stuck in a vicious cycle. Binge eating leads to a wide variety of physical, emotional, and social problems. I know how difficult it is to overcome binge eating. The problem is that we need food for survival and there is no way around this disease except that you eat and develop a healthier relationship with food- that meets your nutritional needs. You must be tired of hearing this but in order to beat your disorder you need to have balanced meal plans (eating 3 meals a day plus healthy snacks) and making sure you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals in your diet. Nada this disorder is treatable. Allah said in Holy Quran there is a cure for every disease except death. Inshallah with the right help and support, you can learn to control your eating and develop a healthy relationship with food.
      You have taken a very brave and courageous step towards addressing your disorder. Nada there are many things you can do to help yourself stop binge eating, but it’s also important to seek help. I understand this must be a difficult step for you to take. Help is important because your disorder is not merely about your eating habits, there are root causes of the problem- the emotional triggers that lead to binge eating and your difficulty coping with stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, and other uncomfortable emotions.
      Feel free to email me at waragainsteatingdisorder@gmail.com. It will be helpful if you could tell me which country you’re from, so I can tell you about the treatment options available. I can send you some very useful literature on recovery from Eating Disorder. Indeed cure is with Allah. In this great month of blessings, I’ll pray for you. I believe you’re not from UK? In that case, don’t worry, I’ll get a professional advice on your behalf and will try my level best to help you defeat the demon of eating disorder. You’re not alone and there is no shame in having an eating disorder, indeed its these battles in life that make us become a stronger person.

      Love, Light and Blessings


  2. Chai a cup of life says:

    It’s great that you are helping others Maha. I read a few of your posts and you not only write well, but they are also very informative. Good to hear that you are recovering yourself 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments.

  3. Iman says:

    Hi Maha,
    I’m so glad to have found your blog. I find it really sad that the majority of people in the Muslim world are not so knowledgeable of eating disorders. So thank you for raising awareness.
    Do you mind if I email you? I need to discuss something with you?
    Thank you.

  4. mahsa says:

    Im currently in an outpatient program ….weight gain has been so tough , ive hit a normal weight , and cant help but sit infront ofthe mirror and cry …and cry …and cry.

    • Maha Khan says:

      Dear Mahsa
      Thank you for visiting Islam and Eating Disorders. No two days are same and no two hearts beat at the same time. The hardest part in Eating Disorder recovery is weight gain and you have achieved the unachievable by getting to a normal healthy weight. Now You are on a journey where you will have to discover yourself beyond the numbers on scale. This is hard but also an amazing part of recovery where you embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. It is very common and normal to experience such feelings in recovery. You lived with Eating Disorder for some time, and it will take some time for your mind to heal and to let go of Eating Disorder thoughts. Let me tell you something that with time and persistence and a commitment to recovery, these negative thoughts lessen. These are still early days and you have to be very careful. You will experience triggers and there will be days when your Eating Disorder will be stronger. But don’t forget that it is you who is in charge and not your Eating Disorder. Life is waiting for you with open arms. You have done the hard work. Take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself. Our thoughts and feelings change from day to day. Today you may not feel good in yourself, but Inshallah after few days, you will feel different. Recovery from Eating Disorder takes time and courage and we have to bear in mind that from time to time the demon of eating disorder will whisper negative things in our mind. They say Dogs bark, so how long is this demon going to bark for? You have already one battle and I know you will go on to win rest of the battles from this demon. I really congratulate you on your courage and determination to embark on a journey of recovery. May Allah guide you, heal you and give you a long life filled with love, laughter and happiness Inshallah.

      • m says:

        I ended up losing the weight and was inpatient in the hospital for three weeks, and im still not fully discharged but on a over night pass , i have gained weight in those three weeks of bieng inpatient and cant stand it . I might get discharged on monday im not sure . Ugh its so frustrating .

  5. Aisha Tariq says:

    Aslam ili kum Maha
    thank you for all the information.
    I suffer from bulimia. I live in extended family and it’s just horrible, how I am always hiding food so I can binge. I am very stuck right now, for last 5-6 months all I do is b/p, b/p and b/p I can’t talk to anyone about all this, I just want to get on with my life but I don’t know where to start.

  6. Britanica says:

    I worked for a man from Pakistan. I believe his grand daughter, who was only 8 years old, had an issue with eating already. She was very smart but I could see it was starting to develop in her and it is sad. I hate seeing and knowing all these young girls will grow up in a world where size and beauty means more than intelligence.

  7. Aisha says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience and help. I’ve been reading your blog lately and it’s been an incredible source of help.

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