Why We Should Not Ignore Eating Disorders


Why We Should Not Ignore Eating Disorders

Do not ignore Eating Disorders

Dear Readers,

Eating Disorders are Uncomfortable, but Muslims can’t ignore the Reality of this Mental Illness.

Eating Disorders are serious public health problems that impacts individuals and families on multiple levels. We should not Ignore them. Directly or Indirectly Muslim communities across the world are affected by this disorder.

Ignoring Eating Disorders in Muslim world, won’t make it go Away. Crow and colleagues found that crude mortality rates were 4.0% for anorexia nervosa, 3.9% for bulimia nervosa, and 5.2% for eating disorder not otherwise specified. They also found a high suicide rate in bulimia nervosa.

Eating Disorders don’t get Headlines in Muslim world, but they are a real crisis, that’s why this year I have stepped up my Campaign to raise further awareness of this deathly disorder.  I know early treatment can lead to a better outcome.i know Eating Disorders can be defeated because Allah says: “There’s a cure for every disease except death.”

 No one is expected to go through an illness like cancer quietly and alone. Why should a person suffer this deadly mental illness alone?

The depth of misery and despair may be hidden from majority of people but that doesn’t mean Eating Disorders are Not Real. They are Real and They Kill.

I am Grateful to Theresa Khalil from Croatia for Making this Video to Raise Awareness of Eating Disorders in Arab World. The Video is in Arabic. Please Take out One Minute to Watch it. Visit her Website Theresa Khalil


imagesIgnoring Eating Disorders is the same as ignoring any health problem. The problem can get worse while making life more and more difficult. In the same way a broken arm needs setting, an eating disorder requires combination of treatments in order to keep the problem from becoming worse.

images Eating Disorders can have serious effects on person’s quality of life. The condition may make work and school difficult, cause people to turn to dangerous behaviors, and make it harder for people to take care of their health. Sufferers deserve to feel better and more involved with their lives. Family members deserve to see their loved ones begin to appreciate life more.

imagesEating Disorder can impact enormously on the individual’s physical well being – the changes in diet, sleep and activity levels can result in individual being less well nourished, exhausted and overly or less active than usual. Combined with ongoing depression and high levels of anxiety this will in turn reduce the body’s immunity and ability to fight infection.

bulletpointIgnoring it will not make it go away. The symptoms may wax and wane, but the only way to make eating disorder change for the better is to change behavior, reactions and thought patterns for the better.

imagesIgnoring eating disorder can lead to losses, such as relationships and jobs, but treatment can prevent a sufferer from hitting those lows.

bulletpointTreatment helps sufferers share the burden. Eating Disorder professionals are unbiased third parties with whom the sufferer can share their thoughts, fears and, most of all, their progress.

bulletpointNo one can help if sufferer continues to ignore their symptoms and do not tell loved ones they are struggling. No one is expected to go through an illness like cancer quietly and alone. Why should a person suffer a mental health disorder alone?

bulletpointAn ignored mental illness can hit peaks where the symptoms are acute, alarming and lead to expensive time off work and hospital visits. Getting treatment early can help sufferers avoid this.

imagesGetting treatment for an eating disorder leads to progress, accomplishments and other milestones for which sufferers can celebrate.

bulletpointIgnoring eating disorder is mistreating oneself, invariably causing harm to oneself.  It is not permissible to a Muslim to expose himself to the risk of illness or injury in any way or form. The Prophet (pbuh) said: “No believer may humiliate himself’. When he was asked how any person would humiliate himself, he said: “By exposing himself to risks with which he cannot cope”. A man runs the risk of illness or injury if he leaves himself exposed to their causes, or by not taking the necessary precautions to prevent them, or by not taking proper care of his health. Islam f has given us the necessary directives to steer away from all such risks, making it a duty of every Muslim.

imagesGetting help for Eating Disorder can be a very fulfilling experience. Some therapies can immensely improve the quality of life of a sufferer:

– By teaching them to treat themselves well- inside and out,

– By building their self esteem and  encouraging them to go out and do things, engage more and learn to think and act positively.

Sufferers What Can They Do?
Instead of ignoring  eating disorder symptoms sufferers should tell friends and family, reaching out for comfort and taking the steps that will inevitably lead to a brighter, happier life.  The sooner eating disorder is treated, the better the prognosis.

Seeking Professional Help is Must

According to BEAT: It is usually very difficult for people with eating disorders to get better on their own. It is important that you find professional help and support as soon as possible.

Eating Disorders prevail in secrecy. Eating Disorder signs are easy to miss.  Many people, even healthcare professionals, can miss the signs of eating disorder, despite the fact that more and more people each year are diagnosed with the disorder.  To learn more about Eating Disorder Symptoms, Signs visit: NEDA

Lets Support People With Eating Disorders: Don’t Ignore It!

Help a Loved One with Eating Disorder: Encourage the person to get help ASAP.  Indeed Shifa is with Allah.


4 thoughts on “Why We Should Not Ignore Eating Disorders

  1. Mark says:

    It’s sad and common to say that we all know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder. I have personally self-medicated with food some years ago and was completely oblivious about it due to a depression I was suffering at the moment.

    Society also puts a lot of pressure both to eat and not to eat, so there’s a lot of confusion I believe.

    Thank you so much for bringing this subject out and put awareness on it. What do you think would be the best approach to help a loved one? I ask because if someone came to me when I was suffering from it I would’ve ignored the help due to how negative and closed I was. What would you think would be the best way to bring it up to someone who was in the same state as I was?

    • Maha Khan says:

      Mark thank you for sharing this. This is very helpful. The best way is never confront them but be compassionate and try to understand things from their point of view. Never ever judge them. Let them know your concerns and if they ever need anything you will be there for them.

      You are right. Its difficult to approach people. You don’t know how they will respond to your concerns. You have to be careful and not put your foot in it. Long speech about well being will not work. Just simple. I am concerned and I am there for you.

  2. Amy says:

    You provide such important helpful information in your posts. My recovery process years ago was so difficult because I didn’t have as much support. You are doing a great job with your blog – keep up the good work.

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