Eating Disorders and Sleep: Sleep Well with Dream Revel-a-tions

Eating Disorders and Sleep: Sleep Well with Dream Revel-a-tions

DReam Revelations Jana Sharaf

“Don’t take things for granted because they might not be there tomorrow.” Don’t wait until you’ve lost it to finally see how much you took it for granted. Don’t wait until you realize that without it, your foundation to make it through each day begins to crumble.

Dear Readers,

Sleep is a blessing, a great gift from Allah, which many of us take for granted. We need sleep as much as we need to breathe and eat. But did you know, As many as half of patients with eating disorders may have disturbed sleep? There’s a correlation between Eating Disorders and Insomnia. People with Eating Disorders often complain of lack of sleep – the onset of insomnia and disrupted sleep. According to Eiber R, Conversely, eating disorders can be a clinical expression of a concomitantly occurring sleep disorder.

They say you never know the value of what you have till you lose it. With my Eating Disorder, I developed Insomnia, inability to sleep or dream. It doesn’t matter what herbal remedy I was given or what sleep drugs were prescribed by my Doctor, I just couldn’t sleep. According to my treatment team, my insomnia and anorexia were linked.

How Anorexia and Insomnia are linked?

The brain is a complex machine, but it is also very primitive in some of its functions. Some of these mechanisms are activated when the body and brain reach “starvation mode.” Finding food becomes the number one priority, everything else falls by the wayside. It even takes priority over sleep; therefore, the body gets less of a chance to do so. Trying to sleep can also be uncomfortable. The body of the anorexic has changed and it might not feel comfortable doing what it did before.

They say dreams are central to life, invaluable illuminators of our life and its current cycle and predicaments. In the words of Grail Haven: “In this hasty, modern life, how I long to just recline and dream and dream. How it enriches the soul to discover how far, how deep the dream will go.” Dreams played an important part in the healing and teaching parts of Egypt.

To sleep; to dream; and in that sleep, what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil” – Shakespeare.

I am grateful that I can now sleep. I am grateful for even two hours of sleep at night. Two hours doesn’t sound much but I’ve learned to appreciate this blessing because you never know when even this blessing will be taken away from you. I started to sleep better after I began to incorporate certain practices of sleep of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into my life.

Sleep is mentioned frequently in the Quran:


And among his signs is your sleep by night and by day and your seeking of His bounty, verily in that are Signs for those who hearken [verse 30.23].

“And we made your sleep a rest for you.” [
Surah al-Naba’: 9]

“And remember when He made slumber fall upon you as a reassurance from Him.” [Surah al-Anfal: 11]

“It is Allah who has made the night for you, that you may rest therein, and the days as that which helps you to see. Verily Allah is full of grace and bounty to humanity, yet most people give no thanks.” [Surah Ghafir: 61]

Islam has clear instructions and guidance for followers about the nature of good sleep. A mid-day nap is an important practice for Muslims, and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh) promoted naps as beneficial. Islam considers sleep as one of the signs of the greatness of Allah (God) and encourages followers to explore this important sign.

 Please watch our Video on Eating Disorders and Sleep made by Alin Cretu from Romania.

Two years ago, I met Jana Sharaf in London.

Dream Revelations

She runs a dream interpretation website – Noon Eve . At that time, Jana was working on a book on Dreams. Jana taught me so much about courage and hard work. I saw how she took small and many big steps towards completing this book. She believed in her work and made it happen. I’ve listed her as one of the inspiring people in recovery. She gives us hope that your dreams can become your vision and reality.

Dreams Revelations

About the author Jana Sharaf

Jana Sharaf has been working in political consultancy in London, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Lebanon. She holds a double honors and a masters from Oxford University in Politics and Business, and has studied under prominent spiritual teachers including Eckhart Tolle, Amr Khaled and the deceased Rav Berg. Jana also continues to experience reality through Sufism.  Her mission is to deliver a message of peace and unity for all people.  Jana is the founder of “Noon Eve,” a platform for opening heart intelligence. She currently writes, coaches, and consults on policy and political strategies.

Now the book, Dream Revel-a-tions is out in the market, and one can purchase it from Dream Revel-tion.

DReam Revelations Jana Sharaf

Why Buy Dream Revel-a-tion?

Buy a Dream Revel-a-tion, if you want to sleep without the aid of Sleep Medication and Want to Dream. The book has great tools and teaches you step by step on how to get a good night sleep and how to dream. It is one of the easiest, simple, accessible and in-depth contemporary guides on dreaming that combines ancient, contemporary, spiritual and scientific approaches to answering many of the pressing questions on dreams and how they affect our well-being. There is very little literature out there on how dreams function and this shows how difficult it is to interpret dreams in a generic way but you’ll be amazed at how this book is just a right guide to help you unlock the hidden potential of your dreams.

Jana Dream

Dream Revl-ation Review

For someone who pays no attention to her dreams, this is a very thought provoking and potentially life-changing work.

How dreams function? The book brings the subject of conscious and unconscious dreaming to your attention. It’s a very scary and fascinating exploration of your inner self and your thoughts. I find it very difficult to accept that in addition to providing insights, dreams may also serve as warnings, putting you in touch with something you’re not consciously aware of.

The notion of choosing which part of the book is the best is problematic.

Opening Chapter of the Book, the author talks about herself and that itself is indeed fascinating. From the very first line, the book seizes you and I was only released after the last page.

Some Sections I loved in Book.

Dreams Fate and Free will– I love this section. It gives a message that free will is not a mere illusion and everyone can consciously achieve free will.

Joseph the King of Dream- Strong message in the beginning that we should not discount dreams as irrational. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and in doing so he changed the destiny of the people of Egypt. What we do with our dreams tells us a lot about ourselves and the value we put on our internal life.

Comparative Understanding of Dreams between Science and Abrahamic Philosophy- This is very intriguing and talks about REM AND NREM; I was NOT AWARE OF Rapid Eye Movement and NREM. It is interesting to know how much time an average person spends in REM and NREM- and how this stage of sleep changes with age. Sleep is a restorative aspect and it gives us understanding of our mind.  What I understood by NON-REM Sleep is that it is important to remain healthy and aligns the balance in body and this makes me question about babies sleep. What do they experience in REM and NREM sleep?

Different Types of Dreams- The book discusses different types of dreams, and tells us that the different types of dreams (stages) underpin and define the different aspects of life.

Mind Defragmented Dreams- what you do in your mind during the night is what you do during the day and this is what most of your awake entails. REM serves to reorganize and reconsolidate memories. The mechanics of how this defragmentation works is unclear to me. It’s like your mind is full of so many things and for a human being it’s impossible to deal with 90,000 thoughts.
Lucid Dreaming- This section gripped me into total submission and made me curious about Lucid Dreaming . Lucid dreaming is like one of the most profound experiences that humans can achieve and the tools provided in this book can help us to do that.

I love the four steps for the creation of Lucid Dreams. The author has done well to establish a scientific framework for lucid dreaming to consciously influence the outcome of your dreams over a period of time with the help of a self-created tool.  And it’s a good comparison with Dr. Laberge’s Lucid Flasher Tool.

Nightmares-  In Eating Disorder our nightmares are often associated with outside stressors or exist alongside another mental disorder. The tools here are very useful for addressing nightmares and they are very good practice tools for a lay person and practitioners.

Dictionary to formulate your own dreams-  Author uses one dictionary to interpret all dreams – lucid dreams, vivid dreams, etc. Message: it’s more instructive to understand dreams in terms of your own experience rather than other’s. If you describe your dream to different theorists – Freudian, Jungian and Gestalt, you’ll get three different interpretations.

Tools for Sleeping- As many as half of patients with eating disorders may have disturbed sleep. Tools here make you want to go to sleep right now; kind of like ‘how to create your personalized dream plan’. It’s like you’ll never experience a sleepless night, after putting these tips into action.

Five Senses of Mind Programming- To defeat Eating Disorders, we need to change our mind and to sleep better we also need to work on our mind. Now, its the time for change! Everything that exists in your world is there based on the values formed by yourself. All that makes you happy or gives you sorrow, are due to these thoughts in your mind.  If you want to explore this life and the life that exists beyond our realms, you must do so by looking within the depths of yourself, your dreams, and your mind.

At the end, what this book has shown me is that dreams are pretty lucent; all you have to do is decode them, use them to solve problems, gain confidence, improve yourself internally and much more. It’s like embarking on a voyage of discovery, learning a new language about your inner self and tuning in with your higher self. For anyone who has never ever read a book on dreams before, with this book there’s the encouragement that everyone is capable of learning this highly rewarding skill. I feel I may be months away from developing this skill myself.


3 thoughts on “Eating Disorders and Sleep: Sleep Well with Dream Revel-a-tions

  1. Frank says:

    The book is incredible. Thank you so much for it. It’s been a huge blessing for me. I’ve also always had insomnia and the step by step detailed has been of great help to me. The writing is also very good, allowing you to learn through it with ease and entertainment without sacrificing the depth of the message.

    Thank you SO much Jana.

  2. Mariam says:

    You are right we only value something when we lose it. I look forward to reading this book. Your videos are just so different.

  3. Morgan says:

    Posts like this are really great .. It is so nice that you can relate anything to the disorders this forum is all about .. Great book by the way !!

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