Eating Disorders : Hair Loss- Reversing The Damage

Eating disorders : Hair Loss

bulimia nervosa: excessive hair loss


By: Susan Kelly

Susan Kelly

The human body suffers from many harmful diseases which have their own complications and after effects. Today, most of the complicated diseases are identified, diagnosed, and treated with the help of these complications. These complications are actually the symptoms of these diseases and everyone can know and find out the disease if one is careful about these complications and symptoms. Bulimia is a major heath related disease which is registering a faster presence everywhere these days. The treatment of the disease is possible by identifying the visible symptoms among the suffering people.

Bulimia is a unique psychological disorder which is caused by bad or harmful eating habits. Both boys and girls, in their adolescence, can suffer from this disease. As a matter of fact, the initial signs and complications appear in the late adolescent period and continue till the early adulthood. The body suffers from many visible symptoms among which excessive hair loss is one of the most significant one.  Most of the patients suffering from Bulimia show a faster tendency of hair loss and in a very short period of time, they can even face complete baldness.

Reasons Of Hair Loss Due To Bulimia:

As Bulimia is a massive body ailment related with the diet and food habits of the people, it often leads to many situations where a body might face different deficiency diseases which are the most important caused of hair loss. Some of these problems are as follows:

Deficiency Of Vitamins:

Bulimia is one disease which draws out major vitamins from the body, which is responsible for keeping one healthy. As the patients of Bulimia suffer from vomiting tendency, so it takes out the essential quantity of salts and sugar in the body.  Due to this, the body loses a large quantity of vitamins and other ingredients which are necessary for hair growth. As a result of this deficiency, people start losing their hair profusely.  It has a double impact upon the bodily health as well.  Apart from losing excessive amount of hair, people also suffer from stunted hair growth.


As a person suffers from excessive amount of water loss in the form of vomits, dehydration is almost inevitable for bulimics. This can lead to a serious amount of dehydration. This lack of water due to dehydration makes the body, especially the skin, quite dry which actually makes the scalp lose its grasp over the hair and they start falling very fast.


 Stress is an essential outcome of Bulimia which is extremely harmful for the entire body. This stress is a psychological ailment. Due to higher amount of stress, the scalp loses its grasp over the hair and they start falling out quite fast. This situation is not only bad for the hair but for the entire body also. The treatment of stress and anxiety must be made available to the person who is suffering from bulimia. Reducing stress can show remarkable amount of development as far as hair loss is concerned.


It is an admitted fact that Bulimia is a health disease or disorder which affects the human body quite adversely. As a person suffers from indigestion so he is likely to get affected by acidity as well. This situation is worsened by the vomits and vomiting tendencies. This finally leads to hair loss at an alarming rate. Treatment of high acidity must be provided at the initial stages otherwise the patients take more time to recover from acidity.

Poor Blood Circulation:

As a patient of bulimia often shows complications of heart related diseases so the occurrence of problems of blood pressure are quite normal.  As blood circulation is directly related with blood pressure so any problem in blood pressure can make the patients suffer from poor blood circulation. This is just a symptom of Bulimia which can develop into more complicated diseases in the long run. Due to this, the constituent of blood also gets imbalanced. Hence, the skin loses its grasp over the hair and hair loss starts in its due course of time.


Most of these hair loss situations due to Bulimia are controllable only if proper amount of care is taken to overcome the disease. Though it takes a little time to recover, it is still controllable and curable.


Source: Overcome Bulimia

Eating Disorders And Reversing the Damage