Naseem Naheed, Sufi Singer, Body Image. Message of Love

Sufi Singer and Body Image

Who am I? I am not a size zero singer, but a healthy weight individual, who loves herself and believes in herself. I am a singer, sister, lover of all beautiful things, designer, mother, daughter, friend, mentor and a lover of  God. I see myself as a citizen of this world, with no borders and no boundaries.

feel under pressure to get back to their pre-pregnancy size because of society and the media’s obsession with ‘ideal weight – See more at:


Dear Readers,

In April,  I interviewed former Debu Member Naseem Nahid in London for an American Family Magazine. Naseem Naheed was in London to work with a Turkish Production company on a new venture.  Dividing her time between Indonesia and America, the creative mother of four, who began her career with her family sufi band called Debu  is certainly living the dream – and then some.

We talked about her career and how she makes it all work and the pressure society puts on women to be perfect.

Pressure from Society to be Perfect

According to Naseem Nahid, society does put pressure on you to lose weight. After the birth of my last child, I was also put under pressure to conform to society’s standards of acceptable body size. I remember being so fatigued in the aftermath of child birth and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. I had no such luxury, I was Naseem Naheed, A Debu band singer, who performed across the world and was a source of inspiration for many women. My father and husband pushed me to lose weight and my my husband took it in his hands to make sure that I get back to my pre-pregnancy size. I still remember the first time we went for a walk and I was completely out of breath and the desire to run home and hide was so strong.


Body image affects most Girls and Women……

I find it sad, how many girls and women are struggling with body image, how their real fear is of being fat and how unsatisfied they are with their body.

I find it astounding that how quick we are to accept another person’s judgement and how serious  our lack of faith in ourselves has become. It’s sad to see a low self-esteem in many women and girls. At one time I also had a low self esteem, this is despite the fact that I come from a  loving home and have a beautiful family by my side. The situation continued and I needed a way out. I couldn’t imagine anything that could help me, till my father recommended that I join our family band Debu.

Not so Easy being in Public Eye…

My self confidence did falter from time to time, being in public eye put me under a tremendous pressure to look good and at times my self-esteem withered away. I did stress over my appearance and my weight. After giving birth to my last Child, I was going through an exercise regime and here I learned a very important lesson, that what mattered most was my mental health, my stamina and how I felt about myself from within.  Recovering a sense of self worth takes more than a change of scene, it requires a change of perspective. Good nutrition and Good exercise is fundamental part of our lives, and most of us forget that. We fall into extremes of losing too much weight or falling into entrapment of becoming over weight. I changed my perspective and started loving myself for who I really was.

I exercised for myself, to improve my stamina, my mental and physical health, and this was so liberating, so liberating when you do something purely for yourself, for your heart, for your mind and for your body. I hope this video below can be an inspiration to ladies around the world….take care of yourself, get healthy for yourself and your family.



God Loves ME…..

I came to realize that God loves me  very much. This was a lasting source of value I could fall back on. I had a sense of self worth to build on and the process of not being afraid started. I left a band last year to pursue my own solo career. I have traveled across the world and have sung at most beautiful places across the globe.

Music feeds my soul and sets me free and this is something I truly truly love doing.


Believe in yourself, Love yourself, Respect yourself and believe you can achieve anything, and you will!

Love makes the world go round, but it all begins with you. If you want others to treat you well, treat yourself well first. If you seek love from another, fall in love with yourself first.
Believe in yourself and believe you can achieve your goals, and you will! – See more at:

My Message to all Girls who suffer from Disordered Eating……

Love yourself unconditionally- accept yourself, instead of rejecting yourself. Love is the essence of life, but it all begins with you. If you want others to treat you well, treat yourself well first. If you seek love from another, fall in love with yourself first. Do not let the society and its standards of body-size destroy your life and your health. Self-love comes down to treating and regarding yourself as a person of value. It’s about your confidence and perceiving yourself as being worthwhile, and You are worthwhile!


Let your spirits soar. I am not a size zero singer, but a healthy weight individual, who loves herself and believes in herself.


You all are important. You matter to God and you were created for a reason.  God knows your heart and is not so concerned with your appearances as He is with the attitude of your heart. As you learn more about yourself, and how unique you are much, you’ll experience life to the fullest.


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