How to Turn Binge Eating into Healthy Eating?

How to Turn Binge Eating into Healthy Eating?

If you want to turn your binge eating habit into healthy eating habit, first of all you must BELIEVE that you can do it. This is the first and most important step in the road to recovery from binge eating.


Put it this way: if you believe you can eat healthy without overeating – that means you will be able to eat healthy sooner or later. If you don’t believe it – you will not be able to eat healthy and it does not matter what kind of therapy you undergo, unless you start believing.

“But how can I believe in my ability to eat healthy if I always get overwhelmed with these unbearable urges to binge?” – you may ask.

Yes, urges to binge are strong but nevertheless it is possible to overcome them. Many people did and you can too.

You see, urges are just thoughts and feelings you get before starting to binge. Fortunately, these binging thoughts normally get weaker if you do some changes in your daily routine.

Here’re the important points:

1.Start imagining yourself slim (or have a slim picture of yourself in your mind)
2.Draw a schematic picture of yourself on a piece of paper where you are slim and happy.
3.Set 30 min a day to sit quietly, close your eyes and visualise a slim, healthy you. Attach happy feelings to this picture of yourself.
4.If you have a special time when you binge (for instance, some people binge eat after work, or after school) – meditate every time after work, school or any time close to your binge eating time.
5.Never eat alone. Get a friend or relative to share dinner with you.
6.When you eat look at yourself from the distance – that mean observe yourself from the 3rd person perspective. Mentally comment what’s happening while you eat, for example “ She is now eating her Caesar salad delicately and calmly because she is a lady. She is chewing slowly because she is enjoying the taste of it. She is talking to her friend about what happened during the day.”
7.Learn to observe your own behaviour and make a regular mental comment of your own behaviour during the day. From the time you wake up – do mental commenting on your behaviour as if you observe yourself from a distance.
8.Don’t keep too much food you can binge on in fridge. Put more fruits and vegetables in the fridge to in case you get hungry.
9.Regular exercise changes the feelings from negative to more positive because of endorphins release. So, start regular physical activity – this will reduce your urges to binge (gradually).
10.Always remain yourself that you don’t need so much food to keep you healthy. Only moderation in food consumption will make you happy and healthy.

Now, I’ve saved the best for last. If it looks to you like too much to do , than – wouldn’t it be easier for you if all the information will be installed into your subconscious mind by someone else – just by listening a hypnotic voice and putting you in a meditational state? You can do that by using special Mindfulness Training for binge eating / overeating. It is easy and very effective.

To read more about mindfulness training for eating disorders go to


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