Dangerous Side Effects of Bulimia


Dangerous Side Effects of Bulimia

By: Kate Walsh


Dear Readers! I am sharing with you an article by Kate Walsh on dangerous side affects of Bulimia.

Do you know that long term bulimia affects all your body parts as well as your brain?

The side effects are extremely dangerous. Here are some of them:


Our heart beats tirelessly day and night to keep us alive.

But do you know that many bulimics have irregular heartbeat, slow pulse or palpitations? This is because bulimics don’t get enough nutrients and they mess up with their brain causing the heart to exhibit these abnormalities.

A person with bulimia could suddenly collapse and even die If the heart suddenly stops working. This condition is known as “heart block”.


We all know that electrolytes are important in our body.
They need to be kept in balance because they are essential
for the normal function of our cells and organs.

When people vomit, they lose enormous amount electrolytes and the organs that suffer the most are: heart, kidney and brain. This can result to heart block, kidney failure and fainting.


Our kidneys maintain the proper electrolyte and water
balance in our body. Purging causes water and electrolyte
imbalance. In most cases, your kidney will try to compensate
but with nutrient deprivation and continuous vomiting your
kidney may stop working properly!


Gullet or oesophagus is the tube that connects the mouth and the
stomach. When a person is vomiting, it forces the food to come up
from the stomach, through the gullet and up into the mouth.

If vomiting is becomes severe or repetitive gullet rapture can
occur. The sufferer can die from internal bleeding and shock.

These are just a few of the dangerous physical effects of bulimia.
There are many more that cause damage, malfunction and suffering.

Unfortunately, many side effects cannot be reversed and if, for example, you destroyed or lost your teeth which is very common effect of repetitive vomiting, it is irreversible,
I am afraid.

Bulimia is not your friend.
It doesn’t only cause body and mind malfunction but also your
emotional responses get worst and worst.

Depression and self-hate keeps you far away from happiness!

To change this, You MUST take your decision about recovery, leave your “comfort zone” and face your problem. This is your first step to take – the decision.

The most important is to understand that nobody will do this for you. NOBODY can help you without your cooperation.

Therapists are helpful, but they are not able to cure you. Only you are responsible for your recovery. So make your decision about recovery today! Be brave, believe, and fight for your happy future
from now on.

There is something deep inside you that can change your life
completely; the strength and believe that will help you go through
your path of recovery no matter how uncomfortable and scary this path might be.

It won’t be easy to fight the subconscious mind that keeps
repeating you what to do. BUT it is 100% possible to
influence it!

That is exactly what you did before when created your poor
thinking and eating pattern. You influenced your subconscious
mind to become bulimic; today is the day to start reversing
this process.

You probably heard that hypnotherapy is effective treatment for
bulimia? Well, no matter how skeptical you are, hypnosis IS
effective when done correctly.

The reason why is simple: hypnotherapists give “positive messages” directly to your subconscious mind; the messages that make your subconscious stop “believing” that you are actually bulimic.

When your subconscious doesn’t believe you are bulimic, then
you are cured!

You are able to achieve similar to hypnosis effects without the
actual hypnotherapy; the key here is your understanding and
exercising your brain in the right way.

To help you through, here is an excellent book that I strongly
recommend you to read:


Positive energy treatment is the best self-help book on
anorexia-bulimia treatment I came across.

It gives you techniques you need to train your brain, so it
stops repeating the same destructive binging and purging
processes over and over again.

All the best!!!

Kate xxx

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