Binge Eating Disorder

Ismee Irm

Yes, I did the 7-day millenium diet and it really helped me to feel more optimistic for life. Alhamdulilah. Then, my intentions changed subconsciously. I became so obsessed over exercising and obsessed with feeling bones all over my arms, legs and my ribs. Feel so good to feel those bones. Nope, I have not reached anorexic level. Alhamdulilah. Because guess what, I started to binge! Binge eating disorder is back. So, I’m trying to go back to my true intention which is to become healthier so that I can fit loose clothings to cover my aurat. May Allah help me.

And here below is what I found, something relating to eating disorder and Islam.

Taken from: Human body in Islam

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

There shall be no inflicting of harm on oneself.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) further said: “No believer may humiliate himself’. When he was asked how any person…

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