Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Recovery Meal Plan in Week 2

At the eating disorder unit all meal plans change in the second week to assist with weight gain (there is an increase in portion sizes and inclusion of more complex carbohydrates).  Please do bear in mind that this meal plan was not devised by me but a dietitian from National Health Services.

Week 2 Eating Plan

Breakfast 9:00am

Fruit Juice 200ml

1 Cup Breakfast cereal, i.e. Corn flakes, Bran Flakes, Frosties etc with 200ml skimmed milk

2 x slice toast white or whole grain (with 1tsp of flora margarine per toast) and jam or marmalade (1 TBSP per slice)

Morning Snack 10:30am

Glass of Milk (200ml) with 2 biscuits

Lunch 12:30pm

Fruit juice 200ml

Main course 1 portion about 200 grams of Broccoli and salmon pasta ( 1 1/2 portion  if you want to replace potatoes)


1 x serving of carbohydrates, e.g.  rice, chips or potatoes or if choosing mashed potato then serving size was x2.


1 x serving of vegetables, either carrots, beans, peas etc (about 80 grams)

Dessert : Pudding or custard, i.e. 1 serving of treacle tart with 1 serving of custard ( various puddings appeared on menu from apple crumble to banana cake to jam pudding to cheese cake, everything was served with custard)

Following dishes also appeared on weekly menu (everyday was different, different dish, different pudding):

As a Muslim I can only eat Halal, so my menu was always meat free and gelatin free.

Vegetable gratin

Veg lasagne,

Cauliflower cheese,

Cod fish,

Jacket potato,

Veg pie,

Tuna pasta,

Macaroni cheese

Afternoon Snack 3:15pm-

Nutritional supplement, e.g. fortisip, ensure plus etc.

Dinner 6:30pm

200 grams of baked potato with 1/2 can of tuna fish or baked beans and butter

1 pita bread with 1 1/2 serving of any curry


150grams of cooked pasta, i,e, chicken pasta, tuna pasta, macaroni cheese,


Rice with serving of any curry

Dessert Fruit Yogurt , rice pudding,

Bed time snack 8:30pm

Milk with 2 biscuits or dates

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